Stephanie Bunk

Welcome to my page. My name is Stephanie Bunk and I am a portrait artist.

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* The drawing is shipped in a box between foam board with a protective sheet.
* There is a surcharge of 10 euros for shipping outside Europe.

Questions and answers

Who is Stephanie Bunk?
– My name is Stephanie Bunk and I am a portrait artist. I have a husband and 3 daughters and I am living in Heerjansdam, the Netherlands. I´ve made my hobby my Work. Make people happy with a beautiful drawing of themselves, their child or loved ones. Giving them a wonderful memory. That makes me happy. So I am very curious about what I can do for you. Let me know.


What materials can I choose from?

  • Graphite (black / white / gray)


How do I submit my photo?
– I would like to receive the photo digitally. Please take a photo with high resolution.


Is every photo suitable?
– No Unfortunately not. I would like to receive a photo with high resolution. Actually, you can assume the following: What you can’t see, I can’t draw.


What sizes can I choose from?

  • A4                        21cm bij 29,7cm
  • A3                        42cm bij 29,7cm
  • A2                        59.4cm bij 42cm
  • Photo size          10cm bij 15cm
  • Photo size          13cm bij 18cm
  • Photo size          15cm bij 20cm

– Different sizes are possible, please contact me for the options.


What are the shipping costs?
– The prices include shipping. For shipments outside of Europe, I ask 10 euro surcharge.


How is the drawing be shipped?
– For optimal protection, the drawing will be shipped in the box between foam board and with a protective sheet by


How long will it take for my order to be completed?
– This varies. Usually, you can expect the drawing within a week. Unless there is a waiting list. Please contact me for the current waiting times.


How much is the deposit?
– I request a deposit of 30 euros per order.

When I Was Young

Watercolor, A4 format

150 euro



Graphite, charcoal, ink, A4 format

150 euro


Hot Bun

Graphite, charcoal, A3 format

175 euro


Pinky Pie

Colored pencil, A4 format




Graphite, A4 format

125 euro


Hide & Seek

Colored pencil, A4 format




Colored pencil, A3 format

200 euro


Contact and Order

For more information or to place an order, please contact me using the form below.